Top Window 7 Security Tools

All the tech geeks urge to keep their PCs safe from malicious virus, pharm malware, no rx Trojans and similar other threats. No doubt, patient myriad of window 7 security tools are available these days but, grasping the best one is an intricate task. Some of the most effective tools are articulated here and the interesting thing is these are free of cost.


It is a surefire tool available these days. CCleaner works stunningly for washing your windows based laptop or PC. Apart from keeping your privacy intact online it also makes your system more secure, faster and efficient. It is handy, small yet the most powerful security tool. To download Click Here


It is the genuine and the advanced window 7 security tool that enables you to remove the sensitive and most crucial data from the hard disk by overwriting it several times with a dedicated pattern. To download Click Here


It is the most advanced and efficient security tool that gives superb protection from the installation and re-installation of the threats while surfing internet. It keeps your system saved from monstrous threats that are trying to infiltrate and infect your system badly. To download Click Here

Glary utilities:

It is another lucrative free window 7 security tool that boats disk and registry cleaning, performance accelerator, privacy protection and is an incredible multifunctional tool. It features fixing of registry errors, washing clutters, boosting internet speed, protecting confidential files and helps in sustaining maximum performance. To download Click Here

RRM (Registrar Registry Manager):

This security tool is specifically designed to make the tech savvy’s available with safe and perfect power and administrator users to maintain the registry on remote PCs as well as on their desktops. To download Click Here

In short, window 7 supports a wide variety of security instruments to keep your system safe from viruses, phishers, Trojans, worms, viruses and similar other nasty things that invades and mess up your system. Some of them work automatically, but sometimes demands your support in order to make them work properly and keep them updated.