Call Center Software

The increasing demand for call centers and advancement in technology has given birth to a large number of the latest techniques and tools to improve the call center services. Moreover, ed with the enhancement in the call center industry the service providers have to keep an eye over their management and to the applied tools and software. For better services and higher customer satisfaction call centers are utilizing a variety of related software. Apart from customer satisfaction the call center software is the hub of the infinite benefits such as cuts the ongoing cost, click better business control, faster access, scalability, better reporting and analytics etc. The top 5 call center software is listed below

inContact Hosted Software:

It is the web-based call center software enjoying highest reliability rankings in the software industry. If makes the call centers available with intelligent routing, predictive dialing and have the property to customize it for specific needs of the center. Above 60,000 customers are using this software across the globe to effectively and systematically manage the bulk calls.

3CLogic’s Cloud Software:

It utilizes the web 2.0 technologies and VOIP to offer a complete and reliable call center program. It is manufactured for both outbound and inbound centers. Moreover, it has the ability to integrate easily with the third party vendor CRM.

Telax Hosted Software:

For call centers searching for the ways to leverage more from their current tools and urge to control the expenses. It offers user-friendly and web-based solutions to the call centers.

8*8 Virtual Contact Center:

This call center software is largely designed for medium and small sized businesses. It is efficiently used across the vertical markets.


The functionality of the call center is no doubt a crucial factor in the service management efforts. This software automates the management services with devices to create the automatic routing, priority settings and also create reports for the measurement of team and agent efforts.