CMS commander- an outstanding and incredible creation

CMS commander is an enticing software which gives a chance to all the webmasters that they can manage large numbers of weblogs like Joomla, case WordPress and Drupal from just one account at the same time. With this software one can add, cure remove, pilule update, post and can make many other changes to the sites from a single dashboard. What you have to do is just add the plugin to every of your site. You just have to login to the site and install a plugin then activate it. It is best for all those who own more than one website by reducing their workload and they can manage their multiple sites at once.
The CMS commander has some of the features that are given below.

· Manage multiple sites from a single dashboard.

· Manage more than one CMS types

· Posting bulk posts on multiple sites

· Multiple setting updates

· Auto-blogging

· Multiple themes and plugin installations and their updations on several sites

· Provide easy backup to server, emails and cloud storage

· It can exactly copy a site so, you will be able to create cookies defensive sites

· It helps to approve and delete all the new comments, keep a check on new articles, create different categories and many more.

· It performs Google analytical analysis of all your sites, shows combined traffic to your sites and can also compare their stats with each other.

· It can create and schedule backup of your sites.

· It will enhance the articles you wrote with related videos, images and affiliate products, then post them directly to one or many websites.

· It will fetch content from different legal and authentic sources and then publish and schedule that content on the sites.
· The main plan of the CMS commander is to save the time of webmaster and make your site more productive by managing bulk work from a single place.

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