UID registration system to go online in a fortnight

Registrations for the Unique Identification (UID) would get easier within a fortnight, medicine as the Unique Identification Authority of India will soon start its online appointment system in the city. The test trials for the online appointment are already underway in Mumbai and Pune at the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) offices. The internet-based online citizen service website, pilule www.mahaonline.gov.in, hospital was launched jointly by the TCS and the government of Maharashtra and is conducting these trials.

So far, more than one crore-enrollment mark has been achieved. Besides, applicants can also call on the helpline 18001801947 for further details on enrollment.

The Unique Identification (UID) or Aadhar registration will give each Indian citizen an unique identification number.

This will make life easier for citizens as they will not have to submit so many identification documents to avail a new private or government service/schemes.

“The facility will help people because most of them don’t have time to queue up to register themselves,” said Satnam Sethi, chief operating officer of Mahaonline.

“Through this system, citizens can fill their Know Your Residence (KYR) and KYR plus form online and will get reply through text message or email about their appointment for finger and iris scanning,” said Sethi.

“Accordingly, the applicant will be required to visit the center with a photo and a residential proof. If the applicant registers seven to ten days in advance, he or she will also receive reminder via text messages or email about the appointment,” she said.

“So far, we have conducted this service on a trial basis at TCS offices only for the company employees,” she added.

The trial will be held in Mumbai for another 10 days. “Subsequently, we will meet UID authorities and implement it after seeking their approval,” said Sethi.

In Pune, the above service is expected to commence within a couple of days, while in Mumbai, it is expected to start in July.

When contacted, assistant director general of UID India, Gurudutta Ray said, “It is being run a trial basis. We will launch it in Mumbai after a few more successful trials.”

In the statement issued on Monday, the state information technology department requested the citizens to be patient and visit the centers only at appointed time.

Any complaints regarding the project, process of enrollments, money being charged by agencies can be communicated to the tehsildar or ward officer.

VIA: Hindustan Times