Affiliate Marketing- An ideal way to earn money

Affiliate marketing is a well-known term for those making a living through activities on the internet. This category especially includes the undergrads, both studying and those who have recently finished university.

In simple words it is a type of marketing in which you, as a third party affiliate ‘publisher’, are rewarded for advertising (publishing) a website or a product on your own website/blog. This way your advertisement directs the visitor to the home page of an established retailer. So, every time when the visitor goes on making a purchase, or another specified transaction, you (the affiliate publisher) will receive a commission. It does not strictly include only advertising and promoting but can be surveyed, for instance, as well. These commissions are usually a percentage per sale but can be a fixed amount as well based on a specific conversion.

Affiliate marketing is no way less than a business because all three affiliates, the retailer (company), the buyer and you- the publisher, are benefiting every time a sale is made. Through affiliate marketing the Advertiser (company) gets an easy way to promote their products because they know that they will pay for advertising only when a sale is made. It is basically a pay per performance model. On the other hand, you, the publisher will get your earning while sitting in your room not moving a muscle. Also if you are a blogger and have a blog website then you have the best environment for affiliate advertisement and your earnings through this type of marketing exceeds way past the other methods like cost per click or cost per impression advertising campaign.

Affiliate marketing, though overlooked sometimes by the advertisers who prefer search engines, mails and website syndication but, is a growing industry in the modern internet era and is playing a significant role in e-marketing. The best example stands