Most effective tips for Instagram Marketing in 2019

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7 most effective tips for Instagram marketing, ever since the dawn of the Instagram app, there has been a rush of people from the social media marketing world who got hooked to it instantly. They’ve closely studied as seen and an instant rise in the use of this social networking app. Since Instagram is only picture sharing and short video sharing platform, it is found to be highly focused, if not more powerful than Facebook when it comes to promoting one’s business. This is because the pictures are obviously way more powerful than words, and this can work to the advantage of business owners.


Hi Everyone, So today we’re going to share about 7 most effective tips for Instagram Marketing. So, let’s start


7 Most Effective Tips For Tech Geeks To Boost Business Visibility On Instagram


Business Visibility on Instagram


Since Instagram is all about visual appeal, the presentation is of utmost importance. Yes, the digital filters available on Instagram is a huge plus point in Instagram Marketing since they make almost ANYTHING look great, but a keen eye for detail in the presentation can go a long way too. Apart from that, there are a few tricks and tactics that you can use to boost your business on Instagram; here we present a few tips from the experts themselves –


1. Build a Strong Network

People connect through photographs on Instagram therefore, connecting with them effectively will include engaging, following people etc. But all of that is extremely important for the marketing on Instagram.


2. Engaging: Hit the like button on others’ pictures and leave comments but something relevant to the picture and not just blatantly advertising your page all the time.


Most effective tips for Instagram Marketing in 2019


3. Follow people: Connect your Instagram account with other social media accounts like Facebook, Tumblr, etc. and follow your members who are well established from all these other social networking sites.


4. Hashtags: Use as many relevant hashtags as possible and use the same hashtags that you use on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ so it becomes more of branding when you use the same hashtag. Once your network grows people will associate these hashtags with your brand.



5. Making an Enriching Visual Experience for Your Followers

Remember that Instagram is all about pictures, so make sure you give a varied and enriching visual treat to your followers. This would essentially mean coming up with creative and fresh ways of presenting your products. You could also add a tag line with a social message that will instantly strike a chord with your followers. You could alter your regular posts with some glamorous larger-than-life pictures down to snaps from everyday life presented in a unique way with a social tagline. For example: To promote outdoor activity apparel, you could collaborate with a wildlife photographer and take creative pictures in a wild setting that also showcases the product.


Experience for Your Followers

6. Post Backstage/Behind-the-Scene Pictures

By posting pictures or videos of what goes on in your manufacturing unit or behind the scenes can build a sense of trust amongst your followers. Besides, posting pictures of your employees at work can be a great way to show you value them.


7. Hold Contests and Reward Followers

Now, who does not love giveaways? There can’t be a more engaging way than coming up with some interesting hashtag projects like the way Instagram itself does! You could then announce a winner and give away free stuff. Forex. Faviana, a popular cocktail wear brand holds contests for its customers and gives away a free outfit for winners. You could start off your campaign by buying Instagram followers from sites like and then announce a contest. You could later buy more Instagram followers you start creating a buzz.


These are just some easy but most effective tips for Instagram Marketing and ways, when followed, can grab you loads of organic followers who will soon become your customers.


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